Ordering and catering

Q: Can you explain the pricing and size options?

A: Big Loves are 1qt / 32oz "tubs"

1 big love $18
2 big loves $34
3 big loves $48

    Little Hugs - Single Serving Cups $100.00

    50X 3oz Personal Cups - Single Flavor Cups 


Q: Do you only offer ice cream to restaurants / stores? 

A: -Yes, at the moment we are only making ice cream for larger orders due to heavy demand.


Q: What is the minimal ice cream order?

A: Fifty (50) - 3oz "Little Hugs" cups, or one "Big Love" (1) 3 quart tub.


Q: How long does it take to fulfill an order from the moment I place it until I gets delivered to my restaurant?

A: Approximately 5 business days.  Orders placed by Sunday at midnight are delivered the following Friday.


Q: How much ice cream is a "safe" amount for a first / trial order?

A: Both restaurants and food trucks are encouraged to do the minimal order and add more as they see demand.


Q: What kind, size and temperature of refrigeration does my restaurant need to store the ice cream?

A:  Vegan Love Ice Cream should be stored at as cold as regular ice cream, 0 degrees Fahrenheit or less in store or a home freezer. 


Q: What is the shelf life of the ice cream?

A:  Vegan Love Ice Cream is best consumed within 3 months of delivery date.


Q: Are there any discounts on larger orders?

A: Large order discounts could be offered on a case by case basis upon request.





Q: Can I pickup the ice cream?

A:  No. Sorry, we don't offer pick up at this time.


Q: When is ice cream delivered?

A;  Orders placed by Sunday at midnight are delivered the next Friday morning.


Q: What cities do you currently deliver to?

A:  Sarasota and Bradenton FL





Ingredients and Flavors:

Q: Are all flavors 100% Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free?

A: Yes! 


Q: What determines what flavors are available?

A: Some items are seasonal, some are available all year round, and some others can be one-off specials. Our online menu will be kept current.


Q: Can you make a flavor not available in the menu?

A: Special orders are possible depending on how busy the kitchen is, and how much (or how little) the order is. It does not hurt to ask.


Q: What flavors are available all year round?

A: If you click on the "Flavors" tab, all of the flavors we offer year round are there.


Q: Who came up with the recipes?

A: Chef Steph created the recipes by researching vegan ice cream recipes, and started tailoring them to create a creamy, healthy alternative base that could be used for all flavors of ice cream.


Q: Do you have any sugar free / keto options?

A:  We don't use any cane sugar in our ice cream, so they are already low glycemic.  We offer the option of using only whole foods (dates) to sweeten the ice cream, rather than beet or coconut palm sugar.  If you have questions regarding to your specific diet, please ask to see if we can accommodate it.