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Chef Steph Roberts

In 2017, Chef Steph, a mother of two, decided to transition her family to a vegan diet. This presented a sweet challenge as she had a difficult time finding desserts that would fit her families's new, healthy lifestyle - while providing a true and satisfying ice cream experience like "before" - Chef Steph tried everything available but she could not find ice cream good enough to fool her kids, or her acute sense of taste.


With over 20 years in the Restaurant and Service industry, Chef Steph decided to create her own desserts. Initially for her kids and family, then for her friends and acquaintances at parties, and before she could catch her breath, her ice cream recipes became so popular she left her job to perfect and share them through this sweet journey. 


Chef Steph's own recipes and delicious ice cream flavors have become a staple in the Sarasota Vegan Community and are gaining the praise of natural markets and local restaurants - by Vegans and non-Vegans alike!


Vegan Love Ice Cream may be cold, but the love and warmth Chef Steph puts into each pint of home-made Vegan ice cream is something you need to try for yourself. It is that good.